En nattechat, der drejede hen på mine 1-aktere, fordi "Conan-the-librarian" var interesseret i et stykke software, Dramatica Pro 4.0, som - baseret på en ny dramateori - tilsyneladende skulle gøre det nemmere at opbygge et stykke dramatik (jeg ved det ikke, har ikke kunnet afprøve det). Jeg er "blå".

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> there are several strong hints here that you write drama and are interested in directing 1'act'ers - what kind interests you (poet asking)?
Conan the Librarian: Mostly comedies, but I'm not too picky.
Conan the Librarian: Are you involved in theatre at all?
> comedies of the absurd or clownish?
> I've written 5 1'act'ers - absurd absurd
Conan the Librarian: Actually, I AM picky when it comes to comedy... I believe that there is both good and bad comedy... but absurdist stuff can still be terrific...
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Conan the Librarian: Really? What are they like, other than absurd?
> I don't particulary prefer theatre - but I like the possiblities of exploring dialogue between people who don't listen to each other - or speak/talk in overlapping voices
Conan the Librarian: (Unfortunately, it seems that you've got Dramatica 2.0, which is what everyone else has... I'll still have to keep an eye out for 4.0...)
> what do you mean "like" "other than absurd"?
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Conan the Librarian: Premises, interesting points, etc.
> what? It wasn't 4.0??!!
Conan the Librarian: No, it's 2, actually... but don't worry about it, you didn't know... I'll just have to keep looking.
> you're right - I just unpacked it. I had a look at it a long time ago, but just remembered the version number. Sorry.
> give me an email, an' I'll drop it to you, if I come across it
Conan the Librarian: Eh, no biggie...
Conan the Librarian: library_the@zzzz, or just login to the server
> what does premises mean in the content of drama ( I know English fairly well, but here I cannot even guess)
Conan the Librarian: It means the basic idea behind a story... it could be a simple plot idea or theme that you want to explore.
> ahh, ok - this is what I said: what does it take to wake a person or persons that doesn't/don't listen? Where in the monologue (which it is a large part of the plays) will an open ear naturally evolve, if the setting is so absurd that it's
> un-recoqnizable to most people
Conan the Librarian: Interesting...
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> it's like being on open sea: there is nothing there - except that there's a LOT of information. If you are not scared of drowning, you are not internally involved with fear. So, how do they tackle the situation - what are their reactions
Conan the Librarian: Hm... so where does it lead?
> how do they respond to what other people would respond to with fear - and how can the situation evolve so as to have them respond to AT THE VERY LEAST each other?
Conan the Librarian: Wow, it sure sounds absurdist. :)
> examination of basic priciples of survival
Conan the Librarian: Interesting...
Conan the Librarian: I also recently wrote a 1-act play... it was written entirely in iambic pentameter rhyming couplets... (I got the idea from Tartuffe by Moliere)
> shy away, block, twarth, avoid, refrain from,  etc etc. - incl. not listening, which is where the dialogue turns naturally absurd
Conan the Librarian: Sounds like a paper I wrote about defensive behaviours we adopt in communication
> "iambic pentameter rhyming couplets" - I have absolutely no idea what this is
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Conan the Librarian: Heh... it's what Shakespeare used for his verse... ten syllables per line, and there is a certain rhythm to it. (And every pair of lines rhyme.)
> defensive behaviours in communication - I suppose you mean in communication that doesn't go our way?
Conan the Librarian: Not necessarily. We typically construct our conversations to protect our feelings, etc.
> but what I mean is that the basic premise is that my characters are alone and cannot cross into shared reality - or only when hit at specific un-predictable spots, from which they sort of sliiide into a brief glimpse of reality and then zoooom aout again
> to continue their own reality construction
> Do you find it easy to construct - in the sense of building onto form?
Conan the Librarian: Actually, the form made it easy for me... I tried writing "real" dialogue
Conan the Librarian: ... in another play I'm working on, and it's a lot tougher
> but don't you find that the form sort of "talks" as well, talking freedom of speech away from the characters?
Conan the Librarian: Oh absolutely... I treat the form as another character in the play, who must give to and receive from the other characters.
Conan the Librarian: It's fun, though.
> hmmm - there's a story there, that wouln't necessarily become meta
Conan the Librarian: Perhaps... if you want to check it out, it's at http://msw.mcmaster.ca/~poslundc/wnliu.html
PenusLazer: ahh
PenusLazer: does Leisure Suit Larry 6 work for anyone?
Conan the Librarian: yes
PenusLazer: :\
PenusLazer: it wont openn for me for some reason
Conan the Librarian: The stuffit archive?
> "At last our story reaches its conclusion.

>        I hope it won't be much of an intrusion,

>        But just before our lecture is adjourned

>        I'd like to recap all the things we've learned."
> sounds fun - and it's good exercise
Conan the Librarian: Basically, yeah... it was fun to write.
> what do you study?
Conan the Librarian: Engineering. (I'm an arts major at heart, though...)
> I have found dramatica pro 4.0 - 26 Mb - for you; I'll se if I can be permitted to get it - be right back
Conan the Librarian: Well, if you can, it'd be cool, but don't sweat it if you can't...
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> well, thanx for chatting - I'll hit the sack now (4 AM in Copenhagen). I'm nr. 30 in the dl-que - so, maybe it'll be there in the morning.
Conan the Librarian: OK, either way is good... enjoy VPC
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> btw - being an engineer must mean having an eye for structures - a natural eye, so to speak - something that comes easier than other things.
Conan the Librarian: Yes, that's been pointed out to me. :) I think I fell in love with the form.
> if you want to evolve as a writer, try to do the things that come hard
> not meaning to sound patronizing
Conan the Librarian: You're absolutely right, though... which is why I'm avoiding it in my new play
> it's my struggle and a lot of fellow writers too
PenusLazer: the upload has begun :)
Conan the Librarian: Cool
PenusLazer: want me to upload the krack also?
Conan the Librarian: Sure, but take your time...
PenusLazer: ok
Conan the Librarian: I could easily write another play in iambic pentameter, but I'm going for the much harder "real" dialogue
> avoiding what?
> ok
> i'm happy for you - you seem to be on track
Conan the Librarian: We learn more from our failures than our successes, after all.
Conan the Librarian: Well your stuff also sounds very interesting... feel free to send me more info about it.
> wish I could say the same  LOL
> it's in Danish, I'm afraid
Conan the Librarian: That DOES make it tricky... ;)
> I guessed as much
Conan the Librarian: Oh well... good luck with it, though.
> and to you too. be tough.
Conan the Librarian: Heh... will do.
> night.
Conan the Librarian: Night
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