time is on your side
hear that sound?
may time be with you may you live forever
but don't waste time on this
this is crap this is shit this is
don't waste time on this time passes and you remain
don't waste time on this wake up!
wake up now come on
no don't
dont' t waste time on this come on
come on come on come on come on!
time! this is the time passing
this is the time passing
this is the sound of time... passing
passing above your house
and now

you are asleep
and you are dreaming
you are asleep and you are getting closer now
you think you wake up you think
and time passes right above your head
and time sweeeeeeps you along
time picks you up and swooooshes you away
don't wake up now
don't wake up now!
you are in the midst of a passing
a serve an exchange catch this
catch this ball
it is your hand reaching out
and you catch the ball well done now!
and you catch the ball again this is a dream - remember
and it is yourball
this is yourball you have been here before - remember
so don't wake up now
and now
you are spinning on top of the ball
and time swivels the ball beneath your feet at your welcome command
time is spinning you like a top
you are spinning now
your circular motion is beginning to make you glow
you are starting to heat up now
perspiration starts there's a slight feeling of loss and
you remember this slightly dizzying feeling
of not knowing if you want it to end
or go faster
but you always go faster!
you always go faster you command time to make that ball whizzzz!
and you are beginning to become warm now
you are becoming like a sun as time swivels that ball beneath your feet
and you fear that you might fall off that ball
as the speed is ever increasing and now
now dear lord
time lashes at you hitting you in the back of your forehead
sending you in a tight curve around the ball now
you are flying
you are glowing
you are in orbit around the ball
you have neverleft that ball before
never and ever and now
you are warm and getting hotter
and you are still dreaming
your are still lying in your bed
and time is still passing above your head
and still
still you are getting hotter as you orbit that ball
the same ball you just now held in your hands
the ball that was yours to drive
but now it is youwho are driven
and you are flying
unable to fight the heat of friction
unable to slow down and be that self again with the ball in your hand
the train up above measuring out years days minuts and
you ask yourself
how it will end
and how you will make it stop
or if something big and immovable will appear up ahead
bringing everything to a stop
and you think
that you will not survive this
and that you have never had thoughts like these before but

now you wake up
this is time calling
this is your mother calling
this is the time and you mom in force
bringing you back to life
aren't you glad you are closer to life again
aren't you glad you are not dreaming anymore
not sweating not fearing the fall not waiting for something to stop you
to collide
is stille ticking
quietly at your bedside
it ticks
as you look at the clock
and mickey mouse moves a hand into the upright position
you prefer time like this
don't you
you like it when mickey says stop
and you can mimick his squeaky little voice in your head
and you can stop time
you know for certain that you can stop time
just by breaking that clock
isn't that right
isn't that right!
but you cannot go back to sleep
isn't that right
there is no sleep anymore
not ever
today is the first never ending day of your life
today you will start school
and from this moment on time will be you
and you will be time
don't whimper now
you knew this was coming
time told you so isn't that right
time told you
and now as then you will want to run away
but you're already fresh out of hide-aways
time has seen them all
and mommy has too
and you cannot get back to sleep
you cannot go there
to catch the beginning of that dream
exactly because it is the beginning
you know that
but hey
catch this
your mom is coming up the stairs!
visualize the sound of you mother's step
ever so slightly heavier than usual
your mother is carrying a tray of goodies
to celebrate this day in your life
in both of your lives
your mom has come to say goodbye
and you wouldn't want to disappoint her
would you
or hurt her or ever want to have to look away when she eyes you
so say goodbye now
say goodbye to the old mickey
you can still make it to the clothes your mom has laid out for you
you can still make it you have done it before
for fun and games down by the lake
and you often beat your pals when it comes to sheer speed
isn't that right
and you like winning
don't you
so why don't you do it now
come on do it now
don't waste time now
don't waste time now
come on
tomorrow you'lld want to
make it
be it
in time and
well done now!

here she comes
and you are not fooled by her smile
good ok no problemo there
but hush
don't say a word
cause time is on your side now


© kenneth krabat 1999